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  • One Year Lumiverse

    Our gameserver saw the light of day exactly 365 days ago. We look back on a year filled with joy, fun, entertainment, and highlights. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that played on Lumiverse throughout the year; without you, Lumiverse would not exist in the form it does today. Speaking of highlights, here is a small collection of videos published by our fellow community members in 2021.


    BriaN's retirement means we've lost a true workhorse when it comes to Map Management. Following that, we realized that we needed someone new in charge of that sector, and I assume that everyone here would agree that lv*Relax is the best candidate for the job. He's been proving his worth and expertise to us as an Intern for quite a while now, and we've decided to give him a chance in our ranks by making him our new Map Manager. Thank you for your efforts. Пoздpaвляю!

    A year wrapped up

    We broke down and summarized the most interesting data from

  • Decals, Artwork and More!

    As we close in on the last day of summer, an update awaits as a new season begins. We are delighted to broadcast pieces of information regarding certain topics and updates.

    Decals & Artwork

    We will begin discussing and running through the expansion within our server. With immense amount of effort put through the update by our amazing development team, we bring you decals & artworks. Please note the fact the system we use has never been done in MTA before.

    The decals section is self-explanatory. With approximately over 1,200 decals at the time of the update, condensed in the form of an .svg (vector) with the immersive creativity options including the decision to expand your layer slots up to a whopping 1,024!

    The ease between switching from the tabs and controls themselves, the user experience is flawless. We have made it very easy to broaden your imagination and create your dream Infernus (for now).


    The artwork section was created for the community to easily share

  • Summer Update & Recruitment

    February was the last time any major news was released by us to the public. Summer is practically around the corner in the northern hemisphere alongside vacations and holidays for most of you which gives us the perfect timing to announce a few things on our agenda today.

    New Representatives

    Firstly, we begin by introducing two known players within the MTA community. Their expectations, as always, will be set at the highest of standards within our team and we believe their capabilities of meeting certain milestones is more than adequate.


    BurN has convinced the team he is more than capable of handling in-game administration work. His ambition of becoming a developer has given us an opportunity to take him under our wing and proceed to help him reach his potential. To begin, he will be monitored by our lead game developer, Qualiti. It will ensure us he is up to date with what is required from him once he is comfortable within the team.



  • Recruitment & Internal Reorganization

    Roughly one month ago we carried out the last recruitment, and we're already back with the next recruitment, our third in total.

    New Representatives

    Starting off with the most interesting topic, I am happy to announce that we are finally recruiting new team members, these include the following:


    cleopatra is our newest addition to the game server development team. For now he will mostly be taking care of refactoring our codebase and front-end. In the long run, he will work both on backend and front-end related issues and enhancements.


    Mondim will join as a Tournament Manager and therefore collaborates with us to keep you, the community entertained and engaged.


    dnlk will mainly work on Web Development related tasks such as the forum.


    Due to his previous experience as an eSport Manager in the biggest League of Legends team in the Balkan, he’ll be very suitable to supervise both Events and Tournaments in order

  • Recruitment, Garage Update and Landing Page

    It’s been roughly 3 weeks since our Grand Opening and a lot of players have already settled down, play on a daily basis and have fun together. We are happy that everything worked out so well, both for all of you and us.

    With the rapid rise of the player count, our demand for active Administrators and Interns has been rising as well. Therefore, we finally push the second Administrator Recruitment and the first official Intern Recruitment.

    New Representatives


    peek already started to be a big help during our BETA-Testing stage. Post-launch, he was one of the most active players. Besides that, he is really tech savvy and a developer (no lua), thus he’ll for sure support us in all development related issues. Grüezi!


    Along with peek, Nao was also helping us a lot during our BETA-Testing stage. Due to his past experience, Nao is really used to administrative and development work in established communities, so he’s more than

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