(Game) Guess the DM player

  • Easy game: You pretend to be a DM player without dropping his or her name, and others have to guess who it is!

    I start:

    I am a DM player and Mapper from Croatia. I've been playing this game since ages and been in clans like FFS, TG and 6s. In the past I have released a famous series of maps. Recently I released the third map of this series. I pretty much retired.

  • BreAkeR

    I am an OS and later on a DM mapper from Colombia. I am mostly known for my v10 and I also have a tribute map that was recently released. My last map was recorded by NitroN and I am also pretty much retired.

  • SebaS?

    I am a DM player and mapper from Brazil. I am known for my artistic and beautiful maps. I have many feats with other talented mappers and my maps are still overplayed at this date. My most known map is a featuring with a famous and old Argentinian mapper. I am totally retired from the game since years.

  • Packy

    I am a very old Swedish mapper and I have one of the most popular old DM maps till this day. I am the first name that comes up on the map, the map has 2 more featuring partners and one of them is Swedish aswell. The map starts with a sandking. Map sadly doesn't get played that much anymore. All 3 mappers in that map are retired.

  • JappaX

    I am a mapper from the United Kingdom. I've made a lot of solo volumes and featurings throughout my mapping carreer, although people criticize me sometimes for the style of track that I make. I'm most known for a few multi part map series with other known mappers. I am also quite known for putting tons of hardstyle songs on my maps.

  • NesoN

    » I am a popular mapper from Germany and I am very inactive at this point.
    » There is a high chance, you won't be able to write down my name correctly.
    » My last volume got released in 2012 and some people still enjoy to show off on it.

  • lo0qebot0

    I am an old EPG member and mapper and I come from Ukraine.

    My maps contain heavy metal songs and metal screams most of the time.
    My last map was a volume 17.

  • since he went offline I guess I'll just take his turn to keep this going.

    » I am a famous MTA player from Poland who is known mainly for his maps.

    » my first server I played on was DDC and in my mta career I was a part of FOTL and -ffs-

    » I've retired at the start of 2013

    » my most popular map has the same abbreviation as the PlayStation Portable

  • Andershell

    • I am from Netherlands, first server I played and lead arena was in DDC
    • My old name was Melvin
    • I have a lot of hold w maps
    • I've been in FOTL and ffs

    I have existed from the morning of the world and I shall exist until the last star falls from the night. Although I have taken the form of nHear, I am all men as I am no man, and therefore I am a god.