Recruitment, Garage Update and Landing Page

  • Recruitment, Garage Update and Landing Page

    It’s been roughly 3 weeks since our Grand Opening and a lot of players have already settled down, play on a daily basis and have fun together. We are happy that everything worked out so well, both for all of you and us.

    With the rapid rise of the player count, our demand for active Administrators and Interns has been rising as well. Therefore, we finally push the second Administrator Recruitment and the first official Intern Recruitment.

    New Representatives


    peek already started to be a big help during our BETA-Testing stage. Post-launch, he was one of the most active players. Besides that, he is really tech savvy and a developer (no lua), thus he’ll for sure support us in all development related issues. Grüezi!


    Along with peek, Nao was also helping us a lot during our BETA-Testing stage. Due to his past experience, Nao is really used to administrative and development work in established communities, so he’s more than prepared for the upcoming workload. Salut!

    New Interns

    Interns of Deathmatch

    Atomix intern.svg

    Relax intern.svg

    DraGuN intern.svg

    Interns of Hard Deathmatch

    It was tricky to pick the most suitable Interns for HDM, because we currently are in need of support in tasks like Map Fixing (e.g. with the use of scripts) – so the HDM Interns were required to have a good portion of mapping experience. We decided for the following Interns of HDM:

    Kanzy intern.svg

    Arrow intern.svg

    Intern of Oldschool

    Moon intern.svg

    Interns of Fun

    Torque intern.svg

    sYKu intern.svg

    We would like to thank all other applicants for applying, because that shows us trust and commitment. Even if you didn’t make it this time, all applications will stay open, no matter if you applied for an Administrator or Intern role.

    Upcoming Landing Page

    We have started to work on our new landing page. It will soon cover all functionalities (Map Uploader, Server Monitor and more), and our current Forum will be used as a Forum only. We took this route, because we don’t really have the creative freedom when working with forum software, which I for instance really crave for. Here's a little teaser:

    Garage Update (Wheels)

    As you know, our Garage is still BETA and a lot more functionalities are yet to come. We now finally finished off the wheels category and the update will be pushed this weekend. You’ll be able to customize the wheel rims, tires, camber, offset, size, width & color. The front and back wheels are split apart, which means that you can tune them independent from each other.

    Thank you!

    I am also taking this moment to thank you for the endless support. We have received many donations; thus, we don’t have to worry about our server costs, hosting tournaments with prize pools and more.

    To give back something, we decided to grant all players the CONTRIBUTOR STATUS FOR 3 DAYS. Have fun!


    Lumiverse Staff

  • Congratulations to the new representatives :3


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  • Firstly, huge congrats to our 2 new Lv bros, Nao & peek :smiling_face_with_hearts:! Secondly, I'm happy to see new interns, gz to all of you bois too !! Especially my Catch rat sYKu :3

    Lastly, just tested + saw the wheels a while ago, still can't decide which ones to buy, great fucking job nohear and great fucking job qualitoooooooo !!!!!! <3 Ya'll insane :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: