Recruitment & Internal Reorganization

  • Recruitment & Internal Reorganization

    Roughly one month ago we carried out the last recruitment, and we're already back with the next recruitment, our third in total.

    New Representatives

    Starting off with the most interesting topic, I am happy to announce that we are finally recruiting new team members, these include the following:


    cleopatra is our newest addition to the game server development team. For now he will mostly be taking care of refactoring our codebase and front-end. In the long run, he will work both on backend and front-end related issues and enhancements.


    Mondim will join as a Tournament Manager and therefore collaborates with us to keep you, the community entertained and engaged.


    dnlk will mainly work on Web Development related tasks such as the forum.


    Due to his previous experience as an eSport Manager in the biggest League of Legends team in the Balkan, he’ll be very suitable to supervise both Events and Tournaments in order to make sure that we deliver them in the most professional way possible.


    I sadly have to announce that Wanz has officially retired due to his inactivity. I am nevertheless wishing you all the best for your future. We all hope that one day you come back more active than ever!

    New Interns

    Due to the ever-increasing demand of active Interns, we decided to also include a few new Interns in this recruitment. Congratulations to:

    Interns of Deathmatch

    Lost intern.svg

    KenZo intern.svg

    SneaX intern.svg

    Intern of Hard Deathmatch

    ThoriN intern.svg

    As always, we would like to thank all other applicants for applying, because that shows us trust and commitment. Even if you didn’t make it this time, all applications will stay open, no matter if you applied for an Administrator or Intern role.

    Reporting Bugs

    We published our GitHub Issue Repository to the public, which means that you can now report bugs you encounter directly online. If you’re ingame, then you can report maps using our “/bug” command, which opens a bug-reporting interface.

    Internal Reorganization

    Even though you haven’t seen many on-server updates these weeks, a lot of structural work happened in the background. We heavily reorganized ourselves internally, which includes the following things:

    • New Roles and Tasks for Representatives (check the team roster for that)
    • More Moderation rights for Interns
    • A new internal Wiki to train Interns to do good decisioning when it comes to moderating the server, this Wiki will soon also have a public section for regular users
    • Upcoming more organized and revised event system
    • Improved our development workflows (GitHub)
    • … and much more

    Some of you might be thinking: “Okay, and how do I benefit from that?” Good question! You’ll notice the change by the Lumiverse Members moving more into the background to care about moving this project forward, while Interns will be taking over much more moderation and supportive work. You’ll see more events being carried out - there’ll actually be a consistent event schedule, we worked a lot on improving events to make them as automatic as possible.

    We are now much more flexible with decisions, can adapt to new circumstances within MTA at a quick pace and will overall be much more future-proof when it comes to expanding our community far beyond the 100 player mark. We are looking forward to a bright future.


    Lumiverse Staff

  • me after seeing mondim & dnlk getting accepted -.-

    Jokes asides, congrats to the cuties! Welcome to your new fam <3 Been waiting for this :3, congratulations to the new Interns as well! Glad to see SneaX making it too this time, big kawaii moment!

  • Always an amazing write from your side Pascal, GG! A huge warm of welcome to newcomers inside the representatives and interns, congratulations to all of you and best of luck in your new positions! <3

  • i would like to say that eventho i know the answer but besides that like i said i dont know



    ps. gg new trials me very like so i give like KEEP UP!!!!!!!!

  • Nice news buuuut... Me still waiting cw rooooms!

    Big congratz to Lost and the others