Summer Update & Recruitment

  • Summer Update & Recruitment

    February was the last time any major news was released by us to the public. Summer is practically around the corner in the northern hemisphere alongside vacations and holidays for most of you which gives us the perfect timing to announce a few things on our agenda today.

    New Representatives

    Firstly, we begin by introducing two known players within the MTA community. Their expectations, as always, will be set at the highest of standards within our team and we believe their capabilities of meeting certain milestones is more than adequate.


    BurN has convinced the team he is more than capable of handling in-game administration work. His ambition of becoming a developer has given us an opportunity to take him under our wing and proceed to help him reach his potential. To begin, he will be monitored by our lead game developer, Qualiti. It will ensure us he is up to date with what is required from him once he is comfortable within the team.


    MarveL’s experience within MTA has been exceptional as he has been involved in many big communities in the past. His potential of being able to administrate the server as well as the forum will be enhanced soon enough. Our ideal goal from him is to help keep agendas and achievements in order inside the team as well as outside. He will work side-by-side by myself and Inspra, making sure he is also aware of the situations and goals we plan to reach within the near future.

    New Internships

    We always appreciate help from our community, especially those who proceed to help us internally. We are currently facing a growth and restructuring certain arenas. To start off with we are going to introduce three new Interns in our team:

    CreeX – Intern of DM intern.svg

    Avi – Intern of OS intern.svg

    Mert – Intern of OS intern.svg

    Experience is one of the main values we like to have. Avi and Mert have shown their capacities throughout large communities in the past. They have an understanding within the OS community and will provide a leverage for us when it comes to strengthening the arena. CreeX is another candidate we agreed to take in at our previous recruitment back in February, due to certain circumstances the team and himself both agreed he will be coming into the team at the next recruitment. His work rate will help us keep DM arena in order and will provide a lot of help when it comes to organising the map pool.

    Garage Update

    The developers within our team have been working exquisitely hard to ensure the community has an enjoyable time playing on our server. From constant debugging and solving issues to creatively coming up with ideas and features which can potentially change the game-play. We are releasing an extensive amount of additional body modifications as well as a new summer themed garage map within a week from now for you guys to go ahead and get creative. The list of the body parts are as follows:

    Police Sirens

    • Added a realistic animation for each police sirens available in the 'Roof' section

    Toggleable Intercooler

    • Added a switch in 'Front Bumpers' and 'Body Kits' categories which allows you to enable/disable the intercooler

    Scalable Spoilers

    • Added a slider in the 'Spoilers' category which allows you to scale your spoiler horizontally

    Changeable License Plate Style

    • Added checkboxes in the 'Tail Lights' section which allows you to change your style of plate

    Changeable License Plate Text

    • Added text input under 'Tail Lights' section which allows you to change your plate text

    Tail Lights Colour

    • Tail lights are now colourable, this also includes some of the new head lights too

    Normal Parts

    • Wheels (53, the flat colouring has been fixed. There is more depth to the wheels and looks realistic)
    • Spoiler (1)
    • Roofs (2)
    • Front Bumpers (4)
    • Rear Bumpers (5)
    • Tail Lights (40, they are also now colourable as you may have noticed on the topic banner)
    • Head Lights (7)
    • Body Kits (2)
    • Dynamic Vehicle Overlay (12)
    • Dynamic Vehicle Lights (12)

    Featured Parts

    • Active Spoilers (4, based on the players speed, the spoiler moves acordingly)
    • Presets (7, from the example below you can already guess what it is. It changes how the Infernus looks overall)
    • Interior (1)
    • Exterior (4)
    • Side Mirrors (15)

    The Near Future

    Within the upcoming weeks we will also be releasing the decal section of the garage. Consisting of over 1000 decals in the svg format (for those who don't know, svg is a vector based graphic. You can scale infinitely without losing quality. Using svgs also allows us to keep the download size to a bare minimum). The developers have worked hard to ensure the system we use for the decals runs smoothly without any major issues to follow. The system we use has never been attempted in MTA and therefore we do need a lot of internal testing before releasing. I can assure you it is very promising and the system works flawlessly. You should also look forward to clan wars coming soon to the server, with our infinite room system you never have to wait for a clan war!

    Best Regards,

    Lumiverse Staff

  • Wheels (53, the flat colouring has been fixed. There is more depth to the wheels and looks realistic)

    omg finally not flat ass wheels

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  • Yoo so glad that my homies MarveL , Avi , BurN and Mert are in! Also congrats to others!

    I can't wait to see what else is coming up! I am already enjoying this wonderful community and the events even the members from lv and intern are highly professional and fun to play with. You guys are doing well! Keep on growing!

    I might do a short endorsement of lumiverse but I can't promise that yet however will do it near in the future!

  • Hey, some words from your favourite and only useless weeb. Happy to have BurN and MarveL on our team as the fresh meat, can't wait to work with em in the near future. Also congrats to the new interns, happy to see CreeX making it too.

    Lastly, I just wanna tell you how proud I am of the dev team for putting in so much effort in making our experiences more enjoyable. They've been working their assess off, lets all appericate that accordingly as our support and thanks :*

    ps: zoilo's kinda cute 😳