Torque's Join Request

  • My name is Thomas, aka Torque, I am 24 years old and currently live in Germany. I am working as a nurse in an elderly home and currently doing my apprenticeship to become a examined nurse. Since this year I am also engaged and very happy with my decision.

    Your Contact:

    You can contact me through Discord: Torque#1997 almost 24/7

    For how long have you been playing MTA? Tell us a bit about your journey:

    I started to play MTA back in 2013 on Twisted Gamers. My friends Kirin, Vetraz and Ed1e showed me the basics of DeathMatch. It took months to be capable of finishing any map.

    I was frustrated and played other Gamemodes. We played a lot of FUN Gamemodes like Freeroam and Destruction Derby. I had fun playing DD and learned the basics of it. But they also tried to get me comfortable with the game so I can become better in DM. We opened our own small server called Public Gamers (pG) later Soldiers of Destiny (SD). We played a clan war against iRace (iR) a big german clan back in the days. They invited us to play on their server. We applied and got accepted. We had fun playing DM and getting better other the months. In 2014 I was a bit bored to play DM only. So I was searching for other servers to play other things.
    I found FFS - and started to play Shooter on that server - I became "good" and played in the Most Damnation Team (mD). Even though I played a lot of SH I couldn't stay away from DM. I played a lot on FFS but at the end of the year iRace closed so I was playing only on FFS. In 2015 I got invited in Cool Shadows (cS) another german DM clan. I was a member for some months but they closed soon after I joined. 2016 iRace 2.0 reopened and I got invited as a Former Member to be part of the new project but that didn't went pretty well. The server died very quick after the relaunch. On FFS I joined Master Players (mP). A more known DM Clan but I had to leave the clan because of personal reasons after a short period of time. I was also a part of many FFS Teams including Outta-Control led by Winston, Supremacy led by Infinity, Liberators led by Inspra and many more.

    In 2018 I joined Unlimited Power (UP) for the time one of my biggest Clans I was part of. Every was a good leader and we had much fun playing CWs and casually on FFS. The same year I was also a Member of Mafioso Auto Drivers (MAD) and my first time in Force Out Xtreme (FoXX). But I had a burnout playing so much MTA and couldn't handle School and other Real Life stuff. So I was inactive in MTA for some months. I came back in 2019 but that year wasn't the best either. I was part of Maelstrom (M#), International Team (INT) and again in FoXX. I left FoXX in 2019 because I tried to open my own clan Team Experts (E#) with my friend Sentax. At this time I wasn't playing on FFS anymore. It was the time when Vultaic opened and got a big hype!
    Sadly we closed the clan after some successful months. But it was a good experience to see how difficult if can be to lead a clan, forum and also how to structure all related things in a short period of time.

    2020 - not the best year so far - COVID-19 kicked in - I had to work more than usual and barely played MTA but applied 2 times in FoXX again. As my last chance in FoXX I got accepted in mid 2020.

    I had a good time on the FoXX Server. But AceVerso got announced and the hype was crazy - but we know what happened ...

    In late 2020/early 2021 I started to play on Lumiverse - only on Lumiverse - I got many PMs and also much hate in my Clan because I am only playing on Lumiverse and not on FoXX anymore. There was a time the members were "memeing" in chats that I spend so much time on Lumiverse.
    But in February 2021 I decided to leave FoXX. As much as I like the clan - it was the better choice to take that step.

    Right now I am leading the biggest team on Lumiverse together with one of my new and good friend ZUNII.

    I took a smaller break to play other games but now I am back in MTA and also playing more active again.

    Which type of maps do you usually play?:

    Former teams and reasons for departure:

    Clan NameTagRankReason for departure
    Public Gamers / Soldiers of DestinypG / SDLeaderTransferred in iRace
    iRace / iRace 2.0iRModerator/Supporter and Community AssistantClosed / Closed
    Cool ShadowscSMemberClosed
    Master PlayersmPMemberPrivate Reasons
    Unlimited PowerUPMemberLeft - Lack of Motivation
    Mafioso Auto DriversMADMemberLeft - Lack of Motivation
    MaelstromM#MemberLeft - Clan had no future (in my eyes)
    International TeamINTMemberLeft - Lack of Motivation to play and train for CWs
    Force Out Xtreme 2018/19/20FoXXMemberPersonal Reason / Project with Friends / intern complications
    Team ExpertsE#FounderClosed

    Why would you like to join INT?:

    INT was one of the clans I really enjoyed because of the fun CWs and Trainings. (See attachments). Tbh I am not that guy to play CWs. I would be that type of guy chillin and playing with the squad. Also participating in some FUN CWs. I would like to have a good and fun time without the competitive aspect.

    How could you contribute to our team?

    I could contribute with my activity because I am a guy you can talk to everytime and make jokes. I would keep a funny atmosphere but also a serious one if there is need to do so. I know how to behave in certain situations and how to calm down people in arguments.

    Thanks for reading! See you guys ingame


    PS: A picture of the good old days!