Gvrz's Application

    • Tell us about yourself:

    Greetings everyone, my real name is Niko, in the game I am Gvrz, I am 22 years old and I was born in Tbilisi, Georgia.

    I am currently an Individual Entrepreneur, I work for myself.

    When I have free time or ("bored") I play on Lumiverse.

    • Brief history on your MTA career:

    I started my carreer in 2009 my best friend told me about this game mode Multiplayer.

    During the time, I constantly improved myself and I felt like I could play better. I started playing in DM servers with some friends in real life we had lot of fun and enjoyed the game so much.

    Before I started play in FFS during summer vacation in 2010 I used to play in DMC, MDC, EPG in 2009, then I played in ERU, -fds-, and others.

    After that, I have joined good and successful clans, and my english skills improved from day by day, but it wasn't good enough. By the way, I continued to play constantly until today in Lumiverse.

    I had the opportunity to meet a lot of professional players. I keep playing in Lumiverse server and trying to meet with newbie players in the game.

    I also used to play Cops n Robbers, Roleplay Gaming, RP, Zombies, Freeroam and etc..

    I enjoyed every gamemode and still I prefer DM after all and also I'm a lover of DM OS.

    Damn how I miss the old times and maps. It was quite remarkable, memories will live on.

    Playing competitively has never been an important aspect for me, I had always put my focus into Administration. Spent all those years building up my knowledge, as well as improving my attitude. Other than being an average player.

    I grew playing this game. I personally think I changed a lot, either as person or player.

    I want to try my chances on Lumiverse, I am absolutely sure that I deserve this chance.

    • Former teams and reasons for departure:

    BXE 2009-2010 - Leader left the clan and joined FFS.

    FDS 2010-2011 - Leader closed the Clan and Server.

    ERU - Closed Financial problem server closed lack of Donators,

    DTR - Closed by leader

    DG - Closed by leader

    PSG - Inactive,

    CG - Inactive,

    Aurora - Multi Gamemode Leaked by its Developers. Clan has been cancelled.

    • Why do you want to join us?

    I simply adore the Lumi server and can't wait for more updates to reveal, It's a pleasure to be with people with whom I can relate as a person and as a gamer.

    Secondly, I simply adore the atmosphere of Lumiverse and its new updates. It's a unique server that satisfies all my dreams and hopes as an MTA Player. But most importantly, I'm keen on helping out with the community and all its issues since I love it so much.

    Apart from my extreme maturity and straightforwardness as a person, I'm a respectful and active player who has donated for Lumi and I will keep donating more, I'm experienced in MTA, also I'm a newbie mapper with some mapping contributions and fixes for other MTA Servers. Other than that, I'm experienced in being an Administration matter and overall, Lumi is the right place for me to invest my time.

    I'm choosing Lumi. that someday I get accepted to make our server better as well as the atmosphere!

    • What values do you possess that others lack?

    Courage, Kindness, Patience, Integrity, Gratitude (Appreciation), Forgiveness, Listening, Respect, Vision, Community, Creativity, Loyalty, Openness, Responsibility.

    I'm active in-game and on forum.

    I have these values, I wanted to write more but I wanted to make it short.

    • Discord username:


    • Additional material:

    Not at the moment, You can send me a DM if any information complementary needed I'll answer your questions as soon I will be able.

    Thank you.



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