BETA Registration

  • BETA Registration

    It's time.

    Today we would like to announce our Beta Registration.

    What kind of players do we need for the beta?

    • Players that are very experienced in one of the following arenas: DM, HDM, Race, Fun arenas (FDD, CTF, Catch)
    • Players that have experience in development and debugging
    • Players that have bad hardware

    If you want to apply, then please fill out the following form and post a reply under this topic:

    The beta registration closes on the 20th of November at 16:00 CET.

    Disclaimer: The main purpose of the beta is to find bugs. If you get accepted as a beta tester, you need to report the bugs you find so we can ensure the most stable launch possible.


    Lumiverse Staff

  • Nickname: ZJK

    Discord name: ZJK#1820

    Serial: 5141F72FD2944DF89D9A4E149A6EB5F4

    Your area of knowledge: DM / HDM / CATCH / CTF / FDD
    A screenshort of your hardware:

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  • Nickname: Inspra

    Discord name: Inspra#0001

    Serial: 07DAA75BC8D3F5AFA3A7DAFB1C736694

    Your area of knowledge: FUN / Shooter

    A screenshot of your hardware

    DISCLAIMER: This is my old laptop which i'm still using during weekends at home, but i can also grab it with me everywhere i go and be available during weekdays.

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  • Nickname: SemiSun

    Discord name: SemiSun#6969

    Serial: CA8D20BE4B38923667A9D8993C70FCF4

    Your area of knowledge: HDM / DM / CTF / FDD / DD and almost everything.

    A screenshort of your hardware:

  • Nickname: Woods

    Discord name: Alex #0356

    Serial: CCA367F0455C4C789003B73B2AF2E3A1

    Your area of knowledge: DM/HDM, Race

    A screenshot of your hardware:

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  • Nickname: [STF]Mkl

    Discord name: Mkl21#7942

    Serial: 6D7EA193442E12428D48965C045E0742

    Your area of knowledge: Fun / Race / development and debugging

    A screenshot of your hardware


  • Nickname: ToXa

    Discord name: ToXa#7044

    Serial: 1C60890A35381FF2F255A048B8B35943

    Your area of knowledge: HDM/DM/CTF/FDD/Catch

    A screenshot of your hardware:

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