LTSC League - Stage 2 Schedule

  • Stage 2 - Dates & Timings

    Greetings everyone,

    to begin with, I want to congratulate the teams that passed the first stage.

    Those teams offered us some entertaining matches and did what they must, Although we had a minor setback deciding who the 4th place team is. Nevertheless, it was an amazing performance from each and every team in this tournament.

    Last but not least, Here's the Stage 2 Schedule:


    PositionClan NameWinsLossesPoints
    1Xtreme pro Racers
    2Elite Players


    2Xtreme pro Racers vs. Elite Players14/01/2023
    20:00 CET2-0 Goku  
    2Synergy vs. Xenous15/01/202318:00 CET2-0 bagio  
    2Xtreme pro Racers vs. Synergy
    22/01/202320:30 CET2-0 Goku  
    2Xenous vs. Elite Players
    22/01/202319:00 CET0-2 LonneX  
    2Elite Players vs. Synergy
    28/01/202318:00 CET2-1 sYKu  
    2Xenous vs. Xtreme pro Racers29/01/202318:00 CET0-3Xenous did not show up!


    - Goku ft. HawK - Military Rush
    - KarNikkl ft. ZeeT - Risky Rooftops
    - airplaNe ft. Pablow - Final Round
    - Goku ft. sYKu - Shapeshifter
    - Goku - A H O Y ! Catch
    - Bagio ft. Kronger - Don't stay Away
    - SebastiaN - Who's Hit Me?
    - Gteatero ft. Piry - NOT BACKWARDS 2077
    - xDarK1nG - zo7al
    - RuSO - Shitmapsen Crooked
    - Lost - Pandemia
    - SebastiaN ft. Bc - Mortal Kombat II
    - YuRi - New Orleans
    - gt^ ft. poweR - Hopeless Island II
    - Gteatero - Deadly Surface
    - iGlide - Play Rough
    - Bagio ft. Lost - Catch The Cat
    - Goku - CaTchTooN
    - YuRi ft. Takash - Answer
    - iMeMPlayZ - Whats insomnia bro? i gotta run.

    Note: We will be setting 7 maps randomly out of this map-list on each match

    Make sure to join our Discord server to get notified when matches start. Best of luck! :collision:


    Lumiverse Staff

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