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    One Year Lumiverse

    Our gameserver saw the light of day exactly 365 days ago. We look back on a year filled with joy, fun, entertainment, and highlights. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that played on Lumiverse throughout the year; without you, Lumiverse would not exist in the form it does today. Speaking of highlights, here is a small collection of videos published by our fellow community members in 2021.


    BriaN's retirement means we've lost a true workhorse when it comes to Map Management. Following that, we realized that we needed someone new in charge of that sector, and I assume that everyone here would agree that lv*Relax is the best candidate for the job. He's been proving his worth and expertise to us as an Intern for quite a while now, and we've decided to give him a chance in our ranks by making him our new Map Manager. Thank you for your efforts. Пoздpaвляю!

    A year wrapped up

    We broke down and summarized the most interesting data from 2021 and wanted to share it with you. Some of it is actually very interesting; take a glance:

    Number of players registered2.892
    Numbers of events held634 events
    Total numbers of threads posted677
    Total number of posts3.329 (8 posts a day)
    Number of punishments327 (since February)
    Total number of toptimes530.726 (including %)
    98.405 (excluding %)
    12.352 (training)
    Total hours played on server188.504 hours (players summarized)
    Total points earned28.194.339
    Total money earned930.067.758
    Total garage items bought16.086 (since January)
    Number of artworks made219 (including deleted ones)
    100 (currently uploaded)
    Player with most points btnd_ (322.465 points)
    Player with most round wins ^WoW with 6.432 wins
    Player with most event wins RTR with 16 wins
    Player with most event points earned RTR with 16.065
    Player with most event participations RTR with 352
    Player with most podiums RTR with 39
    Total Chat messages sent4.941.486
    Most chat messages shox with 158.064


    You've given us a lot, and now it's our turn to give something back. We decided to organize a giveaway, and you can win some marvelous prizes:

    First winner:

    Logitech G PRO X Gaming-Headset

    1 month of Discord Nitro

    20€ worth of contributor status

    A bunch of exclusive lumiverse stickers (via Mail)

    Second winner:

    Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition

    1 month of Discord Nitro

    15€ worth of contributor status

    A bunch of exclusive lumiverse stickers (via Mail)

    Third winner:

    1 month of Discord Nitro

    10€ worth of contributor status

    A bunch of exclusive lumiverse stickers (via Mail)

    How do you participate in the giveaway?

    It's simple. Leave a number between 1 and 1000 in the comments below. DarkyZ will host a livestream to draw the randomly selected winner on December 31, 2021 at 19 CET. Check out his channel at on the specified date and time. The deadline for the submissions is December 30, 2021.

    A belated Christmas present

    To top all that off, we decided to grant all of you 7 days of Contributor status as a late Christmas present. Furthermore, we decided to extend the current 2x multiplier by a day. Therefore, your contributor status and the 2x multiplier will expire on January 2, 2021 at 19 CET.

    We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and the Lumiverse team wishes you a prosperous start to 2022. See you in the coming year.

    stay healthy,

    Lumiverse staff

    Declined. Judging by the sarcastic tone of voice you chose, it seems like you haven't really learnt your lesson yet, which is why we have decided to extend your ban for another 16 days. Your ban will therefore expire on the 15th of December. Please refrain from creating a second unban appeal.


    I remember that one night Qualiti and me added a system which chose underplayed maps to be played random. That resulted in a lot of "shit maps" occuring all the time and it took roughly 30 minutes until we decided to remove that system again.

    We tried a lot and it seems that just randomizing the map pool won't bring much satisfaction. The randomizer has to be more advanced and a few factors have to influence it: May it be the times it got played, how many likes it has - we could track succesful vote-redos to see if there's demand to play that map etc.

    We'll think about some smart random system internally that can be thrown into every room and finally puts a check on those issues.

    Thanks for your suggestion. A decal section is soon to come which will cover most of the players needs. You won't be able to upload png images by yourself, especially because we don't even use them as they're not scalable - we make use of vector graphics (.svg files).

    It wasn‘t right that Rhae reacted the way he reacted, but you‘ve been causing trouble since a while now with your provocative behavior. I seriously advise you to simply grow up and stop provoking people, but also to not react to provocations that include yourself - the /ignore command is your best friend.

    Also the fact that you are trying to threaten us that you‘ll leave the server if we don‘t unmute you is really childish, especially because we both know that you‘ll be back in around 2 days after the dust has settled.


    Recruitment & Internal Reorganization

    Roughly one month ago we carried out the last recruitment, and we're already back with the next recruitment, our third in total.

    New Representatives

    Starting off with the most interesting topic, I am happy to announce that we are finally recruiting new team members, these include the following:


    cleopatra is our newest addition to the game server development team. For now he will mostly be taking care of refactoring our codebase and front-end. In the long run, he will work both on backend and front-end related issues and enhancements.


    Mondim will join as a Tournament Manager and therefore collaborates with us to keep you, the community entertained and engaged.


    dnlk will mainly work on Web Development related tasks such as the forum.


    Due to his previous experience as an eSport Manager in the biggest League of Legends team in the Balkan, he’ll be very suitable to supervise both Events and Tournaments in order to make sure that we deliver them in the most professional way possible.


    I sadly have to announce that Wanz has officially retired due to his inactivity. I am nevertheless wishing you all the best for your future. We all hope that one day you come back more active than ever!

    New Interns

    Due to the ever-increasing demand of active Interns, we decided to also include a few new Interns in this recruitment. Congratulations to:

    Interns of Deathmatch

    Lost intern.svg

    KenZo intern.svg

    SneaX intern.svg

    Intern of Hard Deathmatch

    ThoriN intern.svg

    As always, we would like to thank all other applicants for applying, because that shows us trust and commitment. Even if you didn’t make it this time, all applications will stay open, no matter if you applied for an Administrator or Intern role.

    Reporting Bugs

    We published our GitHub Issue Repository to the public, which means that you can now report bugs you encounter directly online. If you’re ingame, then you can report maps using our “/bug” command, which opens a bug-reporting interface.

    Internal Reorganization

    Even though you haven’t seen many on-server updates these weeks, a lot of structural work happened in the background. We heavily reorganized ourselves internally, which includes the following things:

    • New Roles and Tasks for Representatives (check the team roster for that)
    • More Moderation rights for Interns
    • A new internal Wiki to train Interns to do good decisioning when it comes to moderating the server, this Wiki will soon also have a public section for regular users
    • Upcoming more organized and revised event system
    • Improved our development workflows (GitHub)
    • … and much more

    Some of you might be thinking: “Okay, and how do I benefit from that?” Good question! You’ll notice the change by the Lumiverse Members moving more into the background to care about moving this project forward, while Interns will be taking over much more moderation and supportive work. You’ll see more events being carried out - there’ll actually be a consistent event schedule, we worked a lot on improving events to make them as automatic as possible.

    We are now much more flexible with decisions, can adapt to new circumstances within MTA at a quick pace and will overall be much more future-proof when it comes to expanding our community far beyond the 100 player mark. We are looking forward to a bright future.


    Lumiverse Staff

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    We are solely talking about the fact that Easy Maps tend to get many hunters, which obviously results in long rounds and in the timer eventually running out. I'd even go as far to say that when you enable hunters on Easy maps, the timer will end the round over 50% of the time.

    The concept was initially suggested by Pablow , since players on other servers have always been complaining about the time a round takes when the hunter is reached, which was ultimately also the reason FFS disabled hunters completely. You need to understand that the players who supported this idea aren't only players that started playing when DM with hunters was already dead.

    After this concept was suggested, we were unsure about it as well, that's why we simply did a voting and it turned out that 77% of the community was for the change, and 23% against it. 80+ players generally voting on this topic is already meaningful enough, and even if more players voted - we probably would have landed around the same numbers as stated above.


    The fact that Medium, Hard and Very Hard maps don't have disabled hunters is a very good solution to everyone in my opinion, as you simply can't please everybody. Also, a new vote would result in the same numbers.

    Since the use of the n-words is seemingly getting out of hand, we decided to add a bad-word filter within the next update and completely disallow it. From then on, any usage of the words (no matter if 'a' or 'er' will result in a punishment. The new rule is live as soon as the update is.


    Recruitment, Garage Update and Landing Page

    It’s been roughly 3 weeks since our Grand Opening and a lot of players have already settled down, play on a daily basis and have fun together. We are happy that everything worked out so well, both for all of you and us.

    With the rapid rise of the player count, our demand for active Administrators and Interns has been rising as well. Therefore, we finally push the second Administrator Recruitment and the first official Intern Recruitment.

    New Representatives


    peek already started to be a big help during our BETA-Testing stage. Post-launch, he was one of the most active players. Besides that, he is really tech savvy and a developer (no lua), thus he’ll for sure support us in all development related issues. Grüezi!


    Along with peek, Nao was also helping us a lot during our BETA-Testing stage. Due to his past experience, Nao is really used to administrative and development work in established communities, so he’s more than prepared for the upcoming workload. Salut!

    New Interns

    Interns of Deathmatch

    Atomix intern.svg

    Relax intern.svg

    DraGuN intern.svg

    Interns of Hard Deathmatch

    It was tricky to pick the most suitable Interns for HDM, because we currently are in need of support in tasks like Map Fixing (e.g. with the use of scripts) – so the HDM Interns were required to have a good portion of mapping experience. We decided for the following Interns of HDM:

    Kanzy intern.svg

    Arrow intern.svg

    Intern of Oldschool

    Moon intern.svg

    Interns of Fun

    Torque intern.svg

    sYKu intern.svg

    We would like to thank all other applicants for applying, because that shows us trust and commitment. Even if you didn’t make it this time, all applications will stay open, no matter if you applied for an Administrator or Intern role.

    Upcoming Landing Page

    We have started to work on our new landing page. It will soon cover all functionalities (Map Uploader, Server Monitor and more), and our current Forum will be used as a Forum only. We took this route, because we don’t really have the creative freedom when working with forum software, which I for instance really crave for. Here's a little teaser:

    Garage Update (Wheels)

    As you know, our Garage is still BETA and a lot more functionalities are yet to come. We now finally finished off the wheels category and the update will be pushed this weekend. You’ll be able to customize the wheel rims, tires, camber, offset, size, width & color. The front and back wheels are split apart, which means that you can tune them independent from each other.

    Thank you!

    I am also taking this moment to thank you for the endless support. We have received many donations; thus, we don’t have to worry about our server costs, hosting tournaments with prize pools and more.

    To give back something, we decided to grant all players the CONTRIBUTOR STATUS FOR 3 DAYS. Have fun!


    Lumiverse Staff