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    • In-game nickname, age, location and what arena you’re applying for: Pugl, 21, Slovenia, Race mainly, DD 2nd (if server will add it)
    • Brief history on your MTA career: I started to play mta in 2013 before I played sa-mp for about a year, my begining were in server called racer server which I played alot, In that sever my love for racing started and I joined many teams some of them are still active today, Like SiK (speed is king), CrF..., after server I started playing CiT and FFS in CiT I mostly played race mode to but that is not such a race based server so I did upgrade my shooting skills too, on FFS I mostly played Race and DD, Overall I think I spended maybe 2000 to 4000 hours not sure since they are devided by many servers and I am last half a year I am activly playing dayli mostly on ffs, From MTA I met (irl not only on discord) a lot of ppl even some friends, one from slovenia which I still play games with dayli.
    • How active are you in-game?: Mostly whole week from weeken mostly 1 day since I have gf and I visit her at that times so I will say from 10-20 h weekly
    • Why do you want to be an Intern?: I can help alot by being active moderator (helper) when server opens I will make sure there is not toxic talk in chat, and I can see that your server will have a lot of players to dealth with so I think you might need help, Also if players will add some race maps I can test them out.
    • What skills do you possess?: I know how to speak balkan languages semi well so I can work as translator, I have racing and DD skill to share yet to test maps and help out to select the best maps to play on.
    • Discord username: Pugl#7577
    • Additional material: :D