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    Greetings! As we're approaching the latter stages of this summer and it has been a while since our previous News thread, we'd like to inform you of what's been going on at our clan! Without any further ado, let's start.


    Today we are celebrating 11 years of INT's existence. Throughout the years. many people have joined and left but we have always been seen in a positive light. INT has created a legacy within the MTA community, thanks to all the different people and communities we have crossed paths with. Starting 11 years ago from a small clan into one of the huge powerhouses is a huge achievement. We started off competing with the best in the DDC era with the likes of FOTL, MAD, SD and DDC clans and then over the years we started to branch outwards meeting other huge communities like FFS Etc. We have lived through a lot throughout the 11 years from only DM Hunter styled clanwars to the introduction of L7 WFF Clanwar formats most noticiably from the FFS L7 event.


    Recently, we have had our first match in the eP WFF Tournament against TfF and we managed to win as our players played exceptionally well.

    Make sure to check out our Clanwar History Thread to see more about the clanwars we have played in the last couple of months.


    We would also like to welcome our new members and our trial members and we are looking forward to a lot more years of INT.







    OS Squad:

    Due to latest reinforcements, we are going to be reopening our OS squad again, so stay tuned for some OS Clanwars!


    Last but not least, we would like to give our gratitude for everything FlashGun has done for us the the time he has been here at INT. Thanks to him we can finally conclude that our clanwar server is 100% done. He has been very helpful these past few months in helping us out massively and we would like to thank him and wish he luck on his future endeavours.

    Thanks for reading, have a wonderful summer!

    Best regards,

    International Team

    Team name: Drunk Catchers Club

    Team tag: [DCC]

    Team color (hex code or color name): #6495ED

    Team members (5 members): bans, Backflip, Monster, ygtz, Demo

    Team leader Discord name: bans.#1900


    Current state: CLOSED

    πŸ—Έ If you wish to become a part of our united family, make sure to create a new topic and include the needed info listed below.

    πŸ—Έ You can always add any other additional infos you might see as relevant to help us decide.

    πŸ—Έ If you are declined it does not mean you will never make it into this clan. There could be a large amount of reasons to be initially declined. Be patient, improve your flaws, be active in-game and on forum, then try again.

    Title Format: [INT]''Your Nickname''s Join Request


    :exclamation_mark:Do not spam the forum with more than 1 Request - one thread will do the job.

    :exclamation_mark:Do not create a join request if you have an active application for another team.

    :exclamation_mark:Please make sure to fill all the questions above in English.

    Good luck!
    International Team.