Uploaded Maps

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ID Type Map name Status Comment
17290 Lost - Siistyle Tested by lv*Lost
17289 PCHZY - Sumptous Tested by lv*djebzer
17288 [DM] PCHZY - Sumptous Declined by lv*djebzer: wrong version
17287 PCHZY - Sumptous Deleted by lv*djebzer: final version will be replaced
17286 Turko ft. NeonoX ft. SKooD - Backbestwards Tested by lv*djebzer
17285 [HDM] Turko ft Neonox ft SKooD - Backbestwards! Declined by lv*djebzer: will be fixed
17284 ShondeX ft. Goku ft. stan - The Deep Abyss II Tested by lv*djebzer
17283 [DM]NeonoX - VIII - Runaway Declined by lv*djebzer: maps need to be mass moved (too close to gta:sa map) which causes infinite loading
17282 [DM] Rookie ft. Sherion ft. AK1N ft. GavatFero ft. Lanolin - Dark Everything II -
17281 [DM]#Rookie ft. Sherion ft. AK1N ft. GavatFero ft. Lanolin - DarkEveryThing 2 Declined by lv*Relax: reupl
17280 [DM] Nakvie ft. P1NG - Chemical -
17279 NikotiN ft. AquiL - Azurepath Tested by Optic
17278 [FDD] Track 01 Declined by lv*CreeX
17277 Quantic - The Ocean Drive Tested by Backflip
17276 Nuuxy ft. Wizz ft. ShockOne ft. Wony - Lost City Tested by lv*CreeX
17275 eCco - Trickster 4x4 Tested by lv*Relax
17274 [DM] v.17 flaszback Declined by lv*Relax: dup
17273 eCco - Bicycle Mania Tested by lv*Relax
17272 [DM] BETA:Ft.Noppera Declined by lv*Relax: dup
17271 [DM] Infernus-2000 Declined by lv*Relax: dup